University Advice for all your needs


University Advice for all your needs

University in the UK is an independent education consultancy, which guides prospective students from around the world through every aspect of the university process.

We have an in-depth knowledge of the university system in the UK and provide expert advice about all aspects of admissions, from the selection of appropriate courses to preparation for entrance tests, personal statements and interviews




The UK has the highest concentration of leading universities in the world outside the US, but finding the right course and the right university can still be a significant challenge.

University in the UK provides expert, tailor-made advice on university and subject choice, as well as guidance on preparing personal statements and other necessary testing and interviews.

As well as those applying for a first degree, we work with post-graduates looking to further their studies in a pre-Masters or taught Masters.

University Search Service

  • Initial face-to-face interview with the student
    This consultation takes about an hour and provides the background for a full written report.  In this, we discuss the student’s interests, achievements and aspirations and how these relate to their choice of subject and university.
  • Follow-up report
    Within ten days of the consultation, the student receives a follow-up report. This is a strategy document, which includes a list of appropriate universities, with some background information about the atmosphere and prestige of each one, as well as some idea of the strength of the department the student is considering applying for. The report will also specify relevant entry requirements.
  • Telephone, Skype or email guidance to enable the student make an appropriate selection of five universities
  • Advice on preparation for testing
    Many courses at UK universities, both at undergraduate and post-graduate level, now require subject-specific entry tests. University in the UK ensures that students contemplating courses such as dentistry, medicine, law and economics are aware of what is demanded, and gives advice on preparing for tests such as the TSA, LNAT, UKCAT and BMAT. 
  • Advice on how to construct a personal statement
    The personal statement is one of the key means means an applicant has to bring across why they wish to study a specific subject at a specific university. It plays a critical role in the admissions process. It is, therefore, vital that applicants are clear about what is expected and how best to present themselves.
  • Two edits of the personal statement
  • On-going telephone and/or email support until the student has a confirmed place at a university they are happy with


This service is intended for those who have already decided on their subject and university choice.

When applying to university, the personal statement is one of the most important means to convey why an applicant wishes to study a specific subject at a specific university. Most students have little experience of this form of writing, and guidance about what to include and how to construct a statement can often make a significant difference in helping their application stand out in a competitive field. 


This service includes: 

  • Initial one-to-one interview on the telephone or on Skype
    In this conversation, we discuss the student’s university requirements, touching on what courses and universities they intend to apply for and exploring how their current experience, extra-curricular activities and academic attainment relate to their application. This conversation generally takes about an hour.
  • Advice on how to construct a first draft of the personal statement
  • Two edits of the personal statement


Oxford and Cambridge, two of the world’s most famous universities, operate a separate and more complex entry system than other UK universities. In general, those applying here require specialist guidance for the best chance of success.

University in the UK offers a bespoke Oxford and Cambridge application service.

This service includes:

  • Advice on subject choice. Subject choice is a critical part of the entry process at both Oxford and Cambridge and chances of success will vary according to the subject/s chosen. This service provides guidance on the subject/s which are both best suited to the candidate’s skills and most likely to win them a place.
  • Preparatory advice about activities likely to enhance the candidate’s application, such as appropriate reading and extra-curricular activities.
  • University choice advice. Candidates can apply either to Oxford or to Cambridge, not to both universities, and guidance is given on which university would suit the applicant best.
  • Deadline notification. Both Oxford and Cambridge hold a number of Open Days in the months preceding the entry process. These Open Days allow potential applicants to see inside colleges, and also to meet the tutors that specialise in the subject/s they are considering studying. It is important to attend these, since college choice and subject choice will often depend on these encounters.
  • Choice of college.  Oxford and Cambridge are composed of a number of independent colleges, where students live and are taught. Each college has its own identity, strengths, weaknesses, and relative status. Guidance is, therefore, given on which college is most likely to match the applicant’s requirements.
  • Pre-testing guidance.  Both Oxford and Cambridge now often require additional subject-specific testing as part of the admissions process and University in the UK gives guidance on the full range of tests.
  • Personal Statement preparation. As with all UK universities, the Personal Statement is a critical part of the entry process to Oxford and Cambridge. Though grades, entry tests and interviews are equally significant, the Personal Statement gives the candidate the opportunity to highlight their strengths and will often form part of the discussion at the interview/s they receive. A second, shorter personal statement is also often required after the application has been submitted. University in the UK provides appropriate advice in preparing these statements.
  • *Interview preparation. All applicants to Oxford and Cambridge who have met the baseline academic standards are interviewed over the course of 1-3 days in the December of the year before entry. The interview/s form one of the most significant parts of the entry process and are intended to establish whether the university thinks the applicant will benefit from the type of teaching each university provides. University in the UK arranges for suitable interview practice in the run up to this demanding period. 


Pre-application consultation

Many students want to start considering subject and university choice well in advance of putting in an application, and University in the UK offers a one-hour consultation service to help them discuss their current interests and potential options, allowing them to prepare in a more focussed and informed way.

About US

About US

DR Lisa Freedman


Dr Lisa Freedman, BA, MA, PhD, is an experienced education consultant and analyst, who writes regularly about the English education system in the national press.

She attended school in Canada and London, and holds a PhD in education from the UCL Institute of Education, the world’s leading centre for education research. Her understanding of the English education system has also been informed by her experience as a parent. She has two sons, who have attended leading universities in the UK at both undergraduate and post-graduate level. 

In 2005, she set up the well-regarded education consultants, At the School Gates, to help families find appropriate schools in the UK. Due to the increasing demand from older students, in 2016, she launched University in the UK,, which offers expert, tailor-made advice on applying to university in the UK at undergraduate and graduate level. 

Oliver randall

Ollie Randall graduated in 2015, with a First Class degree in Ancient and Modern History from Queen’s College, Oxford, where he is taking a postgraduate degree in Creative Writing. (He is, therefore, in the rare position of having successfully interviewed with three different Oxford departments). He was educated at Eton College and his ambition is to become a professional novelist. Alongside this, he works as a private tutor in London. With more than 200 hours of tutoring experience, Ollie knows how to get the best out of his pupils, tailoring his approach for each individual.


Feedback on our Service

Feedback on our Service

University in the UK gave clear instructions to my son, who was not working that hard, and helped him translate his fuzzy thinking into a brilliant personal statement, resulting in all five universities offering him a place. This inspired him to knuckle down to work, and he has just successfully completed his second year at University College London.’ Stephanie.


We sought University in the UK’s advice with our youngest daughter’s university application. They advised with potential courses, the application form and her personal statement. Ultimately, all of the universities she applied to offered her a place. I unreservedly recommend their service, which has provided exceptional clarity and invaluable understanding of this complex process at a critical point in my daughter’s education.’ Richard.


We first worked with Lisa Freedman when we were relocating from Canada and seeking school places for all four of our children at very difficult points in the education cycle. Our experience was so positive that we immediately turned to her when our eldest began the university-application process.  Lisa was able to succinctly provide us with an overview of the options available and, more importantly, give us the tools to navigate the system in order to ensure our daughter was targeting the most appropriate and achievable programs.  Lisa’s guidance was invaluable and has also paid off for the two siblings that have now continued to University." Claire


My daughter was unfocussed about what to study, vaguely interested in social issues and unsure whether she would obtain sufficiently high grades to get into a Russell Group university. University in the UK clarified the alternative courses and, with their help, our daughter successfully applied to read history at Bristol.’ Andros





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